Privacy policy

Both parties agree as follows: 

1.    All requests accepted by FLEXON SOLUTIONS (hereinafter, "the contractor") shall be governed by the present General Terms and Conditions. Unless The Company expressly accepts the Client's conditions in writing, the present terms and conditions supersede all other terms and conditions in the event of a conflict.

2.    The Client will inform the contractor of the need for new suitably qualified staff, providing all necessary information requested by FLEXON SOLUTIONS.

3.    The contractor will make a pre-selection of candidates and send their CV's to the client followed by any additional documentation requested.

4.    Client must reply within 5 working days if the candidates send by the contractor are suitable.

5.    Candidates selected for an interview shall be informed by the contractor only.

6.    After the interviews, client must give a reply within 5 working days, if the selected candidates are approved.

7.    Client shall pay contractor’s fees under the payment terms mentioned in the contract between the contractor and the Client. The invoice will be paid by the client within 28 days after the date the candidate starts to work.

7.1.       All invoices that remain unpaid after the payment term, will be subjected to a compensation of 15% per week.

8.    If the Candidate introduced by the contractor is not hired by the Client or if he rejects the employment offered by the Client, and if the Candidate is subsequently employed by the Client within a period of 12 months following the date of the first introduction of the CV of the Candidate to the Client, then the Client shall pay fees to the contractor as stipulated in paragraph 7 above. 

Client’s guarantees

9.    If the Client or the Candidate cancels the employment contract during the warranty period starting upon the signing of the working agreement and if the reason for this cancellement is caused by the contractor, FLEXON SOLUTIONS will use its best efforts to find a replacement without any additional expenses for the Client.

10. If a candidate leaves to another employment in the country of client, the contractor will not give a (partly) free replacement or refunding.